So I’m supposed to be writing a 1,500-word essay that I’m going to enter in a BIG essay writing contest that’s due in two days, but I haven’t started any. I badly need the prize money, but I don’t quite seem to get motivated to write anything! No (creative) secretions are coming out. This afternoon is my last chance. Help me.


2 thoughts on “Conundrum

  1. Random idea-bombs!

    * Five people trapped in a room – phone in the middle. Each person gets one call in which a past/future version of each person talks on speaker phone (or rather, complain and argue). Ensue the hilarity or the awkwardness!

    * The global economic repercussions of the continued (and growing) piracy of games and if and/or how the current laws of copyright affect the scale of piracy.

    * The journey of two octopus (octopii?) on the sea floor and whatever hi jinx they come across, like a throng of bloodthirsty katana wielding samurai guppy fishes or a alcoholic blue whale with daddy issues.

    I should have asked what theme the essay was aiming to be – but now it’s too late! HA!

  2. Great suggestions! šŸ™‚
    Well, the essay’s theme is about sustainable energy. Anyways, I don’t think segueing the whale with daddy issues wouldn’t be too bad, ha ha. But the judges, I believe, are going to be old pricks, so I don’t think humor’s going to stand any chance.
    Bu really, thanks!

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