And I thought I was going to be crunched during the crunch time

…but I didn’t! I managed to cram the essay–all 1,300 words of it–in something like, three hours? I almost lost the impetus to finish the whole project. Around 10 pm last night I had practically given up on completing the essay. I was just idly browsing videos and blogs. I almost forgot the word processor was open! Then I went to sleep and had this dream–which I couldn’t really remember now so it makes no sense that I still mentioned it ha ha–and I just knew I had to finish this, no matter what.
I’m not so sure about it’s quality though. I don’t even know if it’s even got the slightest chance in landing me a spot in the semis. The only comfort I could take is on the fact that at least I didn’t let the opportunity pass.
If something good ever comes out of this, well, I’m one damn lucky guy!


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