Good morning

Barely a month into the sem and already I feel like I’m loosing my grip!
I swore last semester I would stamp cramming out of my system, but here I am, just emerging from an all-nighter that could’ve–and should’ve–been unnecessary had I just found the sense to start on this paper earlier this week. But, as they say, things are often easier said than done. I guess I’ll have just have to endure a few days looking like a vampire with pimples.


3 thoughts on “Good morning

  1. procrastination brings bliss (at least for me). and even if you hate it, you’ll do it over and over again. that’s what makes college life exciting, in a way.

    (hi harlo! ive been wanting to visit your blogsite. finally i had the chance. šŸ™‚ – lea)

    • Hello Ate Lea!

      I haven’t written anything new and sensible over the last two months because I’ve been very busy, err, procrastinating. But yeah, thanks for dropping by! šŸ™‚

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