Potter(less no) more

After staking out twice–first on Day 2 when I was supposed to be preparing for an exam, and second just past twelve midnight today, when I was supposed to be sleeping, I will finally able to ride the whole Pottermore hullabaloo with relief and happiness–I’ve finally validated my account today!But, the catch is, I hadn’t been the one who was able to register me, but my good friend Robin. I had succeeded in solving the clues in all my two attempts, and each time reached the seventh and final step of the registration process (which asks you to choose a username, check the “I Agree to the Terms” box, and enter the image from a captcha) But the captcha wouldn’t appear! I had tried reloading the page, repeating the whole process again–I’ve even switched browsers! But nada, the Disillusionment Charm on the damn captcha just wouldn’t wear down.

This exactly was my problem. But this seems very rare–everyone I know didn’t have problems with the captcha.

It was very frustrating. Good thing I have such awesome friends who didn’t think twice in offering to complete the registration for me!

Now I can’t wait to relive the whole Harry Potter experience over again! See you in Pottermore! 🙂

All’s well that ends well!


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