Time’s up

It seems I’ve learned my lesson well. Whereas before I would just enlist in subjects that I like with very little regard for their schedule, now I’m more cautious–and honest with myself. If the class is any earlier than 10 am I no longer consider it, no matter how bad I want the subject or the professor.

I think I’m actually making a big step towards ridding my system of tardiness. If there’s anything I’m really, seriously unhappy about myself, it’s the fact that I almost always fail to come on time for appointments. It’s finally taken its toll on me this semester–I had to drop my 9 am PE class because I’ve exceeded the number of allowable absences.

I beseech the heavens to see me through this pledge. Big things come from small beginnings, as they say, and who knows, I might just be the one to pass a law criminalizing tardiness in this hopelessly tardy country.

But that’s getting ahead of time. In the meanwhile: Deadlines, here I come!


2 thoughts on “Time’s up

  1. Wow! Grabe naman yun! Malayo ba tinitiran mo from school? Ako kasi nabobore kapag wala akong early morning class. Wala, nagshare lang din. :p

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