107 titles and counting!

So today out of utter boredom I made an inventory of all the books in my possession. And I’m very pleased to shout to the world that I’ve managed to collect 107 titles! That’s respectable enough, I think, because I didn’t really start collecting until about three years ago. I didn’t buy all of them, either; a fourth of them have been gifts from friends and family.

It’s a shame though that I have only managed to read 49 of them. Well with all my academic and extra-curricular (read: org) pursuits, I can’t really expect to have the luxury to read for leisure.

I’ve accumulated a rather eclectic mix of books–I’ve got the standard Dan Brown, Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, Robert Ludlum and Bob Ong. I also have an anthology of Nick Joaquin works, the first book of the Left Behind series, and Shakespeare’s Macbeth and Hamlet (from junior-year high school English). The 24 non-fiction titles include the 1967 Dunninger’s Complete Encyclopedia of Magic, a biography of Imelda Marcos by Carmen Navarro Pedrosa, a Dover Thrift collection of speeches by Native Americans, and a Tagalog version of Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life, which is really my mom’s, but in our semi-eccentric family all the books are de facto mine.

Titles I’d recommend off the top of my head are John Irving’s Cider House Rules, Stephen King’s It, and Louis Sachar’s Holes. I’m a sucker for fiction, obviously. But I feel like I haven’t read enough classics. I was actually all over the net the past few weeks scouring for pdf files of some classics, and so far I’ve found some George Orwell, Jane Austen, and Edgar Allan Poe.

Other stuff I’ve found are dozens of copies of K-Zone, W.I.T.C.H. (lmao!), National Geographic, Reader’s Digest, and Archie, but I didn’t include them in my list. Most of them are back issues anyway and I’m afraid someone might dispose of them without my permission sooner or later. I also used to keep issues of Junior Inquirer and Philippine Collegian, but unfortunately there is only so much space in our tiny hovel.

If you feel like borrowing some of my stuff just tell me and I’d be happy to lend you. But be warned, I can get real OC about my books. Once, when I was in fourth grade, I lent my Harry Potter books to our neighbor-slash-playmate out of sheer goodwill, and to my horror–yes, horror–they returned it with scribbles all over the title page! I never talked to her, nor her siblings, again.


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