Sleepless: The Ultimate Emo Crap Blog Post

Three rolls of tissue paper in the last twenty-four hours–that’s how bad I have caught the flu. And now I can’t sleep from all the medications I’ve taken. They said ‘non-sedating’ on their labels, but I didn’t know they would keep me wide awake for this long. And awake is the last thing I need to be now, to not be in full possession of my mental faculties, because, well, you have no idea what has happened to me in the days since I turned twenty, and I badly need a refuge from the world. I’ve tried my best to keep everything cool, to take things in stride, but look where that has taken me–sick and sleepless.

You know it’s that bad because when you just want to pour everything out all you could manage is a vague, stupid, senseless blog post like this, that you would even delete from your newsfeed because you don’t want too many people reading it anyway. For the first time in my life, I feel really old.

But as always, I’ll try to look for the brighter side of things. Because whether it’s brighter or not, there is definitely going to be another side to all of these.

I know I should have just written a poem, but then I would have needed to make things even vaguer and more senseless to the reader and to myself, and that would have been very tedious and wouldn’t have helped me any.

For now I shall try my best to sleep.


One thought on “Sleepless: The Ultimate Emo Crap Blog Post

  1. You are siiiiiick! I remember a few days ago in the MRT when all of us were sick and I told you you’d be sick soon and you said “I don’t get sick” and now you are, HA!
    Loljk, that didn’t make things any better yeah? Everyone’s sick nowadays. In so many aspects ._.;;; Oh life. Get well soon Angelo!! Damn them colds and getting-old-blues. We should all drink! Lolz! If u need a friend to talk to and I happen to be awake at the ungodly hours that you are, you can talk to me šŸ˜€ haha!
    (nice layout change btw 8D very clean and witty!)

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