Telltale signs that you’re crushing on someone–you check their DP album on Facebook, randomly like statuses on their profile, and, worst of all, delegate a whole tab to your conversations because you think the small chatbox at the bottom of your main tab won’t do.

So what do you do?

You cringe, because you’re way too smart, way too cool, way too old for this mush. So you convince yourself, no, your fascination stems from nothing more than your favorable appraisal of their overall personality and well-being.

You pat yourself for being a cynic, but you know that somewhere deep in the recesses of your callous brain, you”ll still be waiting for their next PM.

And the next time you hear a painfully cheesy pop song you’ll remember them, and in between berating yourself for falling into this lowliest of human emotional yearnings, you’ll smile.

Go kill yourself!


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