Diliman vs LB

We people in Diliman are usually the haughtiest in all of the UP System. We think that since we’re the ‘flagship campus’ everything has just got to be better in Diliman! But just how true this is, my good friend Beata and I wanted to know, so we went down south to UP Los Baños last weekend to try out the LB experience. (And no, we weren’t able to take pictures because we actually had too much on our hands.)


LB’s dense nature reserves should make our acacias in Diliman blush in shame! Wherever you are in LB Mount Makiling is always just peeking over your shoulders. In comparison, Diliman’s greens almost have an artificial, urban garden feel to them—and the air remains fresh only as long as you stay inside the campus. LB’s air is a lot cooler and fresher. It has that distinct rural charm, and yes, carabaos are randomly left around to graze the grass.

The campus

Buildings in Diliman are a lot taller and bigger, but the overall campus lay-out in LB is tighter and more efficient. The most important buildings are near each other, and their Math building isn’t tucked away at some obscure corner of the campus. And don’t even ask about their gym, because they have this big new one that will literally turn you green with envy. LB also has that complete university town feel. Diliman is a commuter campus, and so activity dies down as soon as the classes end in the afternoon. LB is still teeming with life even at nine in the evening.


Just about everything is cheaper in LB! Transportation was already the biggest expense we made in our whole trip. A 60-peso meal in Diliman with just as much serving of rice and ulam—possibly even less—just costs around 35 to 40 pesos in any of the random eateries around LB! The 70-peso pasta meals they sell in Long Island seem almost atrociously high. And even a siomai meal in Tita Long’s in Music at 35 pesos is still expensive; there a siomai meal is only 25 pesos!

Rent for an air-conditioned karaoke room in LB is just 500 pesos for three hours and a sheesha session is an unbelievable 150 pesos. It’s almost worth the burn I got when the coal accidentally fell out of the top and landed on my thigh!

The people: Team LB

Our hosts were two geeky, brace-wearing computer science majors who, in all the three days that we stayed there, bathed only once. Yes, Beata and I took even more baths than they did! But they were hosting us, and being the cool, sophisticated Maskom students that we are, we didn’t complain.

And just how infinitely more cosmopolitan are we than our hosts? Well, when Beata and I were passionately attempting to analyze the nuances of the different lighting techniques in Xavier Dolan’s Hearbeats Saturday afternoon, they were rowdily fighting over an iPod trying to beat each other to Temple Run high score!

But you’ve also got to love them for being the nice, laid back, and easy-going people that they are! The thing about life in Diliman is that people are also always harried, and it just doubles all the stress school brings. UP can’t get more chill than in LB.

So are we coming back? Definitely! And already we’re missing LB for being the awesome getaway that it is! It’s one more thing to love about being in UP, every campus is unique and offers a different experience.

We were vlogging while we were packing the day we were leaving, and after we’ve said all the silly things, we all sang UP Naming Mahal.


30 thoughts on “Diliman vs LB

  1. “two geeky, brace-wearing Computer Science majors….”
    *remembers our bus conversation HAHAHAHAHA*

    Anyhoot, I can’t get enough of the low prices. You forgot to mention the 20-peso bbq meal at Mang Toto’s and the 18-peso shanghai meal at Ken’s! LELZ. AND THE CAKE 8D 8D 8D.

    I shall also blog about this ehehehe. And yes, we have to come baaaack. Next time with the hiking shiz. And it’s a shame I wasn’t able to walk around as much as you did! lakfj there must be a next time ^__^v

    • Wala we just wanted to chill and we’re friends with those comsci geeks and we were just paying them a visit. They had already visited us in Diliman about two weeks ago and we were just returning the favor 😀

  2. AWW. We should do this to our blocmates na nasa Baguio, though I think sobrang iba nung magiging effect, obviously. :))

    Beata, heavenly yung caaaaake, nagdala noon si Cams nung Christmas Party namin for BC 100. ❤

      • “…one more thing to love about being in UP, every campus is unique and offers a different experience.”
        I agree with one. UP Visayas in Miag-ao is just like LB.

  3. Hi! Ang cool naman! UPLB student ako, laking LB din. Ako naman, gusto ko ma-experience ang UPD. Kahit may mga nagsasabi nga saking mas maganda dito sa LB, I want to experience the Diliman feeling! Yung makikita mo UP Pep Squad, magiging classmate mo lang sila, mga shooting ng palabas, ganun. Sana magawa ko rin yan sa UPD Hahaha 😀

  4. Great blog. Great experience for you. Now you’ve got me reminiscing.

    Honestly, if someone manages to invent a time machine, I strongly suggest that you should also check out LB of the 90s. There was a bus service serving UPD and UPLB. That sure fostered a lot of “camaraderie” between campuses.

    Funny, I remember my first boss. He’s from UPD class 80-something and he always made that comment about LB people being laid back, though he sounded negative. I guess he didn’t have geeky computer science students in UPLB as friends back in his time in UPD.

    You should also check out the campus in Mindanao. Lots of happy people down there, too.


  5. Next time na bumalik kayo, visit DTRI, sa loob ito ng Animal Science. Kailangan n’yong matikman ang choco milk, milk o’jelly at iba pang dairy products. Magdan ding mag-photo shoot dun pag hapon. Masarap at masaya ding mag-lunch o magkape sa IRRI. Iba din ang atmosphere dun. Puntahan n’yo din ang flat rocks, Paak 1 at Peak 2. At ang di ko pa napupuntahan na National Arts Center. You’ll have a breathtaking view of teh whole los Baños and Laguna Lake. Dati P16 nga lang ang isang siomai meal e. Well, high school pa ako nun. Hehe. Elbi poreber! Isa pa, try n’yo mag-Feb Fair sa ELBI! :)))

  6. Ang isa pang gusto ko sa LB, pag naglalakad ka papasok sa klase, pauwi sa dorm, kakain sa labas, basta naglalakad ka, lagi kang may makakasalubong na kakilala. O kaya may tatawag sayo. Parang magkakakilala lahat ng tao. :))

  7. Next time you visit LB, tell your friends to climb with you Peak 2 of Mt. Makiling. Or just drive up to the National Arts Center. Or enter UPLB via Jamboree. LB was planned as you said like a university town … more like land grand universities of the US. So it is actually a university town with its own zip code separate from Los Banos. In fact. UPLB is known locally as simply “college” to distinguish it from Los Banos the town. By the way, my duty station is located at the foot of Mt. Makiling. and yes, taga-elbi ako! Diliman was planned like a grid, sa LB … maybe, in the olden times … animal path yun, and you know how animals are, they follow the natural contours of the land … ayun, naging roads na ng campus. Hehehe. And I think the carabao is mightier than the oblation (positioned at the main entrance yung carabao while oblation was relegated to the front of the Humanities … hehehe

  8. glad u’ve experienced elbi, we always miss! 🙂 If you got the chance to come back, experience the early morning jog along Pili Drive and the P3.00 cup of rice in IRRI canteen, the shabby but still palatable Papu’s siomai, the food experience in elbi square, a hike to Makiling and many others. I remember back in collage, we have a dog in VetMed Dorm’s cages, really felt like home.

  9. Nice! You loved elbi! 😀 Well we love it too. Makes me miss it even more during these vacation times. What I love most about your statements is the university town thing. Well, it’s true. In elbi, life begins at 7. 😀

  10. awwww! namiss ko tuloy ang elbi. Nasa Diliman na ako ngayon because I think I need to move outside my comfort zone– elbi has been and will always be my comfort zone. Sobrang homey ng pakiramdam. Visit ka din sa ibang UP Campus =)

    • Hello! Thanks for your reply! I didn’t think people still read this blog post since it’s really old. Yep, since this posting, I have seen/visited other UP campuses–the only ones I haven’t been to are the Tacloban, Pampanga, and Mindanao campuses. 🙂

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