Pan and zoom

The pan and zoom window can be every Adobe Reader user's best friend.

Just when I thought I had fleshed out Adobe Reader for everything that it is, I discovered recently what perhaps could be its most ingenious feature yet—the pan and zoom window.

I know you’re supposed to learn all these features the moment you start using Adobe Reader, but really, do you ever take time to explore all those extra tabs in the toolbar? It just so happened that the pdf document I was reading was one of those two-leaf images scanned right off a book and anyone who’s ever had to read such scanned-type documents for school would know how frustrating it is to view them. It’s like reading a badly photocopied article, only worse, because they’re digitized and if you print them they’d just be as unreadable. So you have no other choice but to scroll and squint your way right to the last paragraph on your computer screen.

Clicking on the Tools tab, then on “Select and Zoom”, then selecting the “Pan and Zoom Window” option opens a small resizable pane containing a scale of your document. The area inside the red box represents the area of the document you’re currently viewing, if it’s not in “fit page” view mode. Moving the red box around is all you have to do to navigate your through the document.

It lets you read a badly scanned document one specific area at a time. It lets you skim through long documents more efficiently. It’s perfect for doing citations as well, because this makes highlighting pertinent parts of a text easier.

Now don’t you just wish you can also pan and zoom through your own life? Focus on every detail when there’s too much happening? Carefully read through everything to make sense of it all? Because sometimes it gets overwhelming and you take to just skimming and scanning and before you know it you’re at the end of your document but you’ve barely understood anything.


5 thoughts on “Pan and zoom

  1. Re: Life and pan & zoom. True~. It’d also be nice if we had an, idk “next page” kind of thing =)) (or ‘undo’ perhaps? Even though that’s kinda coward-y. Ehehe)

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