If you’ve never had to classify your blog posts into neat little categories, then you’re probably saner than the rest of us who have. If you can live with just tags and tag clouds, you’re probably more well-adapted to the complexities of modern life. Congratulations, you, for sure, have a smaller chance of ending up in a mental hospital.

Unlike me. Lately I’ve been having issues with blog entry categories. Which is weird, because when I first started out blogging, the creation of category titles was one of the things I had relished the most. I liked the idea of being able to sort my entries into clear-cut groups and labels. It kept my blog organized, something that my real, off-the-computer-screen existence could hardly be described as.

But now it seems like every post can’t just be confined to a single category anymore. When I write a blog post about commuting or school, am I not making a commentary about community and society in general? Does the commentary always have to be about the political? Every time I file a movie review under “Books and movies”, I feel the urge to file it under “Personal” as well, because, well, the review after all contains my very personal opinions about the film. In fact, isn’t everything I write in my blog personal? Why bother with categories at all?

And then there’s the default Uncategorized category (CATEGORY-CEPTION!!!) that all our blog posts are filed under when we don’t put them under categories. I don’t believe in it–all the uncategorized blog posts are a category unto themselves.

All these categories, I’ve realized, are getting us nowhere. Because more often than not, most things we do cannot be classified into a single label.

I don’t think I’m going to do away with the categories soon, however. Either way, I’ll most certainly be in a category of bloggers–those who use categories, and those who don’t.


5 thoughts on “Categorized

  1. I was thinking about this whole categorizing thing since last week =)) I never kinda got into it since my posts are messy and random while the tags I use are randumb ehehe and every time I try to fix them, I just get lazy. lasf which reminds me of my files!!! My desktop and hard drive are about as messy as my dresser lolz!

    I guess, in the end, no matter how hard we try (or not try) to make everything look and feel nice, we’re all just trying to please ourselves more than anyone (i.e., readers) else ehehe.

  2. Since then, I hate categorizing. My sister told me that my files and closet are just like my blog. Overlapping categories. 🙂

  3. If you consider that rough; add a unhealthy attitude towards nonsensical tags that has no relevance to anything mentioned in the aforementioned entry.

    Five years down the line? “Dafuq was I thinking!”

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