Mockingjay (2010)

Real or not real?

I was excited to read Mockingjay, the last of the Hunger Games book, so much that I read it off our desktop screen nonstop for four hours last night. Real.

It was the first book I read in pdf form in its entirety. Real.

The book would start out strong, although a bit dragging. There would be the grungy feel of the war, a lot of Katniss’ spacing out, and Gale reclaiming the boyfriend role from Peeta after two books. Real.

District 13 would feel like a high-tech, upgraded version of Helm’s Deep where they bred cows underground and people were imprinted with their daily schedules on their forearms. Their leader would be a gray-haired, heartless bitch conspicuously named Coin. Real.

Katniss would agree to PR the rebellion, but only after countless door-slamming, people-shoving, and Peeta-obsessing. Peeta, now a POW, would periodically appear on TV calling for a ceasefire. Real.

There would also be a lot of ridiculous filming of war propaganda by the rebels. In fact, on every battle front there would always be a TV crew, who always managed to edit and splice together clips of Katniss looking feisty or emo just in time for the evening rebel broadcast. Real.

The rebels would manage to rescue Peeta, only he would now be hijacked, and would attempt to strangle Katniss on their reunion. Real.

Katniss, distraught over Peeta’s condition, would actually say this line: So in the fading light I shut my eyes and kiss Gale to make up for all the kisses I’ve withheld, and because it doesn’t matter anymore, and because I’m so desperately lonely I can’t stand it. And you wouldn’t feel sorry for her because at that point she would’ve said such things too many times already, and she would’ve begun to sound like a Bella Swan on an anger management program. Real.

Finnick Odair, the underwear model Tribute from seaside District 4, would reveal that the Capitol actually made him a prostitute after he won the Games. He would get married in a happy ceremony, where Peeta would design the cake and Katniss would dance, only to be eaten by mutts in the sewers of the Capitol. Real.

Effie Trinket, whom you would’ve started to forget at the start of the book, would make a rather pointless, just-so-you-know-what-happened-to-her reappearance towards the end. Real.

Buttercup would outlive Prim. Real.

In all the mountain-bombing, hovercraft-ambushing, pod-triggering, and lots of Holographic watches and voice-sensitive weapons, you would feel like the last book was a fitting end to the series, and that the war grandly summarized the things the books philosophized so much about: power, war, peace, self-destruction and survival. Not real.

Instead, with the blurry way Collins concluded it all—the execution, the snap elections, Gale’s farewell-less dispatch to District 2, and Katniss’ trial, relapse, recovery, and eventual marriage to Peeta—the  whole thing would feel like a badly stretched TV series. Real.


3 thoughts on “Mockingjay (2010)

  1. “Finnick Odair, the underwear model Tribute from seaside District 4”
    I don’t care about the others, I just want Finnick! Hahahahaha My laugh says it all. 😀
    I don’t know what’s with third books, it’s always dragging. Say for example, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest. Mockingjay is like an extended Gossip Girl minus the R-18.
    If it has the R-18, I really don’t mind even if it’s dragging. The problem was, Collins killed Finnick. I cried over that. I mean, hello Peeta and Gale, I had enough of you, please step aside and give the stage to Finnick. And I really enjoyed your post I was typing with just one hand and right at that (I’m eating at the same time flooding this comment box). Pardon me, I’m just ecstatic. 😀

    • Pardon for the late reply. =) Oh yes. I’m a Finnick fan. I can’t wait to see him in big screen. I mean the person who will portray him. =)

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