My new favorite animal!

What’s black, furry, and four-legged that could give you the cuddle of a lifetime with the slightest touch of its paws?

A dog? No. It’s wilder than a dog.

A platypus? Could be, if it didn’t have that disturbing duck bill for a snout!

It’s the—are you ready?—THE BEARCAT!

The bearcat, or binturong in the vernacular, has officially dislodged the triceratops as my all-time favorite animal. It’s actually one of the highlights of my Palawan trip last week. There’s one at the DENR Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center in Puerto Princesa that you can have crawl over your arms and cuddle for only twenty pesos. Okay, it’s quite cruel—but you have to remember that it’s domesticated (bred and grown in the center) and it wasn’t just plucked out of the jungle to play jester to bored tourists! Its parents have probably long been displaced by graver, more inconsiderate human activities in the forests.

That’s why I’ve made it a resolve to fight all enemies of the dwindling bearcats, which are probably the gentlest, cutest, fluffiest—their paws feel like the softest leather!—creatures you’ll ever find in the country. They’re endemic to Southeast Asia, which means you’ll probably never see them caricatured and dancing in some flimsy Hollywood animation.

I now include them in my prayers every night, hoping that their numbers will again grow. I don’t mind waking up one day and finding the city overran by bearcats. Who knows, the president might then even declare a national bearcat emergency holiday! I’d volunteer to collect them and herd them back to the mountains. They’re so cute I wouldn’t ask for compensation. I would even do overtime!

The bearcat has given me such profound happiness!

The bearcat’s one more reason why you should speak up and make your stand against mining in Palawan! All the gold, silver, nickel, zinc, chromium, etc. in the world would never be able to bring back the bearcat if it went extinct.


7 thoughts on “My new favorite animal!


        Thanks for letting me know that something as cute as a bearcat exists! Carrying a bearcat is now included in my bucket list!

        After I graduate, as a promise to myself, I will to go to Palawan! 🙂

  1. oooh! and furry niya, not too feline, but you could hold it on your arms unlike dogs! It looks tame din! aww, sayang, it’s an exotic animal no? so that means if one wants to have one as a pet, dapat may papeles pa 😐 I want one or maybe an otter, hahaha

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