Sabado de Glorious 2

Black Saturday. In technicolor. Photos by Mark Jose, Beata, and me

Black Saturday for me was anything but black—except perhaps the outrageous tan I got from all the frolicking I did under the summer sun! I was back again in Santa Maria for another edition of Sabado de Glorious, and the best thing yet was I was no longer by myself this time! I had with me two of my most favorite people in the world—Beata, whose family I never knew lived just next door to my grandmother’s until we met in UP and Porks, who was the first person from school I ever brought to our hometown.

We had already gone biking the day before, but Santa Maria was so big you could never have enough biking to do. Whenever we felt like it, we’d just take a break and sit by the roadside brambles under a tree, and lip-synch to K-Pop.

After lunch, we lay down on a mat in my grandmother’s lawn and just stared at the blue sky. Our conversations never really picked up because we were half-snoozing all the time, but it was a haze we never wanted to get out of.

In fact, we didn’t wake up from our stupor until about past two, and we almost missed the chance to trek up the town’s fabled Three Falls since we were all going back to the city the next day. The falls, despite the volume of visitors and the unsightly litter everywhere, didn’t disappoint. It was worth the trip! The last and topmost of the falls was especially a must-see, and I had made it a goal to get to the cave behind its water curtain. It was difficult and treacherous, because the lagoon deepened drastically right where the water dropped. I didn’t make it until after several attempts, and would never have done so without the help of the locals who not only pulled me and caught my hand whenever I’d slip, but also egged me to go on.

The sweetest reward of course was getting past the thundering waters and onto the small cave behind it. I just couldn’t resist plunging my head into the falls and gaping my mouth open to drink the water!

Porks lost his (expensive) eyeglasses in the lagoon, and it almost threw everyone out of mood. But we didn’t let that happen! To cap the day, Beata and I ordered halo-halo at the palengke. We ate it as we walked home and watched the golden sun set. It was one of the best Saturdays of my life yet.


3 thoughts on “Sabado de Glorious 2

  1. And I was so close to really giving up on getting into that cave too! Strong, strong currents~~ And you forgot to mention our (random and very quick and very useless and money-consuming) trip to Siniloan HAHA. Awww Sabado de Glorious must be a traditiooooon~

  2. Sounds like a great adventure! 🙂 Beata brought our barkada up to the falls once or twice, but we were too young to ever think of going into the cave. Haha!

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