A pleasant surprise

Your day can turn sour any number of ways: faulty directions, uncouth receptionists, even your leather shoes (which can feel oppressive, if you’ve only been wearing sneakers and slippers for the last four years). And while you’re running after senators, or fighting your way through the rush hour throngs, you wonder why you’re doing all these, what’s the point. You wipe the sweat and grime from your face, in a feeble attempt to prevent the pimples, which will break out as surely as you know you won’t be getting any free weekends up until finals.

But in the end there’s always something that will you brighten you up. It doesn’t even have to be the success of the legwork, or the surprisingly smooth traffic on your way home. Sometimes it’s just a surprise tuna sandwich, made specially for you.

No one’s made me sandwiches in a while. And these were really delicious! Thank you, you.


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