The dog days are almost here

I welcomed my (last ever) sembreak yesterday with Clover Chips and apple juice, on the bed of one of my favorite girls in the world. My semester doesn’t really end until Friday, the deadline for my Creative Nonfiction manuscripts, but I just really wanted to go out and see friends. It was a shame I really couldn’t sing well, because we couldn’t jam together properly! So we just went camwhoring in front of her vanity mirror. And talked nonstop. About immigration and lost iPods. About politics in our churches. About obnoxious batchmates. About boys.

Later, in the evening, I met with one of my favorite boys in the world, and just poured out everything that’s been bugging me for the past few weeks. It helped to hear his perspectives on things, especially since we’re more or less in the same circumstances. I was also very amused to receive a very thoughtful gift from him. And as a form of my gratitude I’m swearing never to use that small pack and keep it forever, no matter how dire the situation is! =)

Robin and the hood(lum), plus the cat print 🙂


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