Enrollment blues

Once again the world proved to me how ruthless it can be when, today, I still wasn’t able to get that last GE subject after queuing for several hours in at least eight different departments across the university. I had this notion that my graduating priority status will work wonders for me even with practically the rest of the undergraduate population coveting the same slots. But no, many times I have been told today—by Registration Assistants in varying degrees of lack of empathy—that they are not making exceptions for my case.

Well if there’s one thing all my years in UP have taught me, it’s perseverance. So to that elusive MST—bring it on!

And by the way, kudos to the registration people at the National Institute of Physics! They’ve got what probably is the most organized and most hi-tech registration queuing system in the university. They have this automated system where they scan the ID’s of the incoming students, and the list, along with the available classes and which registration booths are available, are flashed on the wall. Good job!


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