My Christmas 2012 Wish List

They always say it’s the blessings that you should count. Well I’ve counted mine and found that it wouldn’t hurt to add more to what the gracious Lord has already showered me! I’ve been meaning to post this wish list before my birthday, but things got busy, and I realized I couldn’t even list down ten.

But since my Secret Santa didn’t come to our org’s Christmas party last night, I finally got the resolve to finish this post! Lmao. Some of these I could buy myself, but wouldn’t mind getting for free. Some are just really beyond my means (read: broke college student). In any case, I still think the best gifts are hugs, smiles, and just genuine, honest friendships!



1. Tickets to the Potted Potter Manila!!! All seven Harry Potter books in just seventy minutes! This highly acclaimed show has taken the Muggle world by storm! I missed their first run in Manila in August, but they’re returning in January next year to give us one last hurrah!  If I can only Apparate right into the RCBC theatre…

2. Goggles. Wednesdays and Fridays I swim at school, and the ones I’m using are pretty old already. They’re still functional, but when you get too splashy, or make really weird expressions when you swim (which I do a lot), water seeps in and obstructs the view!

3. Sunblock, SPF 70 or higher. The decrepit UP pool is outdoors, and I stay in it long after my PE ends at 9 am, because my next class is not until after lunch. I like to get brown, but not too brown. I’m wearing white on graduation and I don’t want to look like Malibu Ken! 🙂

4. A Lana Del Ray shirt. I’m a fan. And if you get me one, I’ll let you kiss me in the d-a-r-k! (We’ll do it your way, too!) 😉

5. Plane/ferry/bus tickets to somewhere far. There’s so much of the world to see! And my (wander)lust is insatiable.

6. A St. Bernard puppy. I know I can’t get a bearcat, so they’re the next best substitute! Their maintenance would be expensive, I know, but let me worry about that! It’d also be good training for a high-maintenance relationship! (Whut).

This one in Minesview Park nuzzled me when I posed for a photo! :3

This one in Minesview Park nuzzled me when I posed for a photo! :3

7. An assistant. Someone who could accompany me to legwork, or do them for me when I’m not available. Someone who can keep track of my appointments and wake me up whenever I doze off in the middle of writing a paper! Above all, someone who can fend off my mom’s occasional nagging. I’d do anything in return, just to help me get through twenty-one units–including my thesis and an investigative journalism class!

8. A huge, plump pillow. If I don’t get an assistant, then can I at least get this one? I know I won’t be getting much sleep in the coming months, and I sure want to make the most of every snooze!

9. A bag each of white and chocolate Krimstix! They’re childhood favorites! And they’re better-tasting than their competitor Choki-choki!

10. A DSLR camera. Paging my parents, and all my good-looking (and generous) aunts, uncles, godmothers, and godfathers! 😀

11. Jack Kerouac books. I want to read them while I’m still young and restless!

12. If I’ve been sounding too silly the past eleven bullets, now this one’s real and easy! Help me in my new endeavor by liking the Manila PubCrawl page! And, if you haven’t done so yet, follow this blog! 🙂


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