Why I Swim


Someone told me before that the reason why swimming is so pleasurable is because we’ve spent our first few months in the world doing only that–inside our mothers’ womb. For many years family “outings” meant to me only one thing–swimming in the beach or pool. It’s the number one recreational activity every summer.

But swimming is a sport. It is, first and foremost, physical. It’s a good way as any to develop your muscles and gain endurance. The reason why I enlisted in swimming in the first place is because it seemed to me a fun way to do exercise! Plus, I thought, wearing trunks regularly would remind me of my fitness goals, and help me be more faithful to my workout routine.

Two months into the class and I have already corrected a lot about how I swim. The first thing I learned was that I had been doing my strokes wrong. I learned that much of swimming is about efficiency. You need to conserve energy to do more laps. There is a proper way to flip your feet, to undulate, to move your head sideways to breathe.

For swimming, after all, is also an art. And form is just as important. That’s why we’re always tantalized when we watch swimming competitions. Swimmers seem to be so perfect doing just what they do. The truth is, knowing the right form enables you to target the right areas of muscles you want to work out.

I love swimming. First, I think it’s essential for anyone to know how to swim. It’s a survival skill. Its also fun! There’s nothing like just gliding through the water. I think it’s the closest we can get to unaided airborne flight! Swimming is like flying in the water.

This is why I’m never dropping swimming (because frankly I can’t, I’m still two units of PE short of graduating!). Every Wednesdays and Fridays I wake up before 6 just to be able to commute from Alabang to Diliman and make the 8 am call time. Yes, I live that far from school! So to my PE teacher, whom I know will be reading this, I apologize for my tardiness. Some days traffic is really just that bad. I will strive to wake up ever earlier to make it to class on time!


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