At a beginning

The best thing about bar hopping on a Saturday night is you get to be awake before sunrise. And there are only a few things more wonderful than racing home as the sky lifts open its eyelids. It’s the glorious gradient of the sunrise sky, distilling your mood as it shifts from the black to blue to pink. It’s the city stirring awake from its dreams: the fluorescent lamps flickering open, the rumblings of a million tricycles and jeepneys beginning to crawl up our streets.

And you, one in a billion, will see this new day differently from everybody else. There’s no guessing what the man next to you on the bus thinks. There’s just a little hint of expectation on his slightly knotted brow, in the way his head bobs sleepily up and down. There’s even more expectation from you–as you stare out the window you think, “Today is going to be better than the yesterday.”

You look at the sky, flushed with colors and light, and you just know it will be.


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