Dog days

All this election hullabaloo and the need to flush out my post-graduation sappiness have just made me realize I still have a blog. When I was nineteen I actually believed I was going to successfully take on the world through this little WordPress account, writing posts that will resonate with the rest of Generation Y. Well a month into blogging and I couldn’t have been more mistaken. I too early became sidetracked with creating a corny header, and people with similar aspirations, like Lena Dunham, actually began walking their talk.

Nowadays I spend inordinate time replaying my favorite episodes of Game of Thrones and Modern Family. And in between Youtubing Emilia Clarke and mimicking Sofia Vergara’s accent I often catch my mind straying into That which, until recently, I have made a resolve not to think about too much–the Future. Yes, with a capital F, because now that I no longer have school to go back to, it seems bigger (and scarier) than ever. Yesterday I was exchanging tweets with a couple of batchmates, asking if any of us has got a job yet. Words like “selling out” were mentioned, and somehow none of us could put smileys after them.

If I was rich I’d probably be halfway around the globe by now, getting a Mediterranean tan or hooking up with Brazilians, and  would therefore probably be writing about more exciting things. But alas. Now let me go back to that episode where Jon Snow takes the Black.


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