Whenever I play anything on my laptop and try to plug in earphones, sound still comes out of its speakers. This is well and good, if I plan let everyone in on everything I watch and listen to. But I don’t, and I’m finding it extremely hard to enjoy any form of media at night. My sister sleeps right above me and, well, if you’re a 21-year-old single guy, there are media files in your PC you will always want to enjoy alone.

Good thing I got my laptop just less than a year ago, which means it still has warranty. So I have decided to take it back to the store where I bought it. But I realized I would need the receipt for that free repair service. So I spent a good part of my post-breakfast prep time searching for my old wallet where, I correctly remembered, I had slipped the receipt in.

I found it among my old faded underwear. It always feels nice to rediscover your old things.  I was already amused just seeing my old underwear–I used to be really fat so they were all at least two sizes bigger! And they all seemed to be either just white or black. Now I have them in a lot more colors and prints.

My old canvas wallet couldn’t have been more different, too, from what I’m using today. With its big, bold dashed letter prints it seems to have belonged to someone else. Now my wallet is like my dad’s–black, leather, and boring.

I found the receipt alright–inserted between a gajillion calling cards of various people I met in college. I have also found old ATMs, a vomit bag from a budget airline, a map of all Sogo hotels in the metro, and an “Earthquake Preparedness Guide” from the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology. I have also found several movie tickets–it seems I have gone to the movies the past year more often than at any other point in my life. I suppose you’d want to go to movies a lot, especially if you deeply cared about someone and they asked you out often.

In any case, I’m looking forward to getting my laptop repaired, and being able to enjoy my media files alone. It looks like I wouldn’t be able to enjoy them with anyone, anyway. And it looks like I wouldn’t be collecting movie tickets, too, this year.


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