Things to think about on a fine Friday afternoon


1. How time really just flies by. One moment it’s Monday–a million calls waiting to be made, a million words waiting to be written–and your boss is a sleeping dragon waiting for you to do something wrong and poke her in the eye. Then it’s Wednesday…and then it’s Friday! Hello, weekend!

2. How fast everyone seems to grow up (or in other words, how time really just flies by). Look at yourself. One moment you’re in high school struggling over trigonometry, and now you’re thinking about how you’re going to spend the salary you haven’t even received yet. Your sister, who was born when you were in fifth grade, is now in fifth grade herself–embarking on science lectures about the human reproductive system.

3. How you love your new hair, or if you don’t, how much you’d love to change it. You realize not many people–especially guys–see that hair is just as important as clothes and shoes. It frames your face, and a bad haircut will always make you look awful, no matter how perfect your eyes or nose or teeth are.

4. How you’ve been getting fat. You’ve just had a thousand-calorie lunch courtesy of McDonalds, and the air conditioning is lulling you to a stupor. But you remember, with deep regret, the last time you were on the beach and how you’ve had to wear baggy shirts even when you swam, because no one was ever going to capture your love handles on camera! So long, topless Facebook profile photo.

5. How you love your officemates. You’re glad you always fall in with a nice group of people, who shares any or all of your varied interests. You can never be thankful enough for them, because your boss, you now know, is a dragon.

6. How you’re excited for the weekend. For that workout you’ll take forever to do, for random meetups with old high school friends, for waking up at 11 in the morning and nobody ever giving a shit about it. For simply not having to go to work, and spending time with your sisters, who, before you know it, will be getting married.


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