A blog post that burned no calories

Rafe, who for a semester in college did weight training two times a week and jogged on alternate days, feels immensely unsatisfied about his body. If there was a guy who took every underwear and perfume ad he saw very seriously, it was Rafe, whose primary flaw in character is excessive vanity.

For all of grade school and most of high school, Rafe was fat and clumsy. He wasn’t exactly popular, but he got good enough grades and made enough friends to armor himself against the bullies. And unlike most of his peers, he wasn’t guilty of excessive masturbation. Instead, he spent most of his weekends reading novels or making sketches on his notebook.

But Rafe–chubby, nerdy, and adorably meek–went to college, and that changed everything. Suddenly he was no longer overweight, and he began taking notice of the opposite (and sometimes, of the same) sex.

Rafe set for himself a lot of fitness goals: he took swimming lessons, and learned how to do squats and dips and planks. He had earmarked a portion of his salary for gym membership. He didn’t want his topless Facebook photos to show just his chest.

But now doomed with an office job and the long commute home, Rafe is finding it harder and harder to get back to fitness. And somehow, sundae and fries always seem like a good way to end the day.


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