Wanted: A significant other

I want it big and I want it bad!

I want it big and I want it bad!

I’m currently on the prowl for secondhand Samsung Galaxy S3’s, which were phased out in all Samsung stores as soon as they rolled out the new S4 this year.

I’ve been all over the net trying to do as much research as I can, not just about S3–which, despite being over a year old already, is still top-of-the-line to many of the web’s leading tech sites–but about sellers as well. I think AyosDito has the makings of the first great Filipino online store. Most of the S3’s for sale in eBay.ph are brand-new and way out of my budget, and they still have to shipped in from all parts of the globe. I’ve also been to TipidCP.com, which contains fresh listings not just of secondhand mobile phones, but also their accessories.

My search has even taken me to a seller based in the Customs office at the Batangas port. They are selling brand-new but, I suspect, smuggled units. Their dubious delivery schemes and refusal to have the phones checked out first crossed them out of my list.

After much discussion with friends and family, it looks like the consensus is to get a secondhand , high-end phone like 2012’s bestselling S3, than buy brand-new units with lower specs like Xperia L, S3 Mini, or even the ultra-thin Alcatel One Touch Idol Ultra, which was what I originally wanted to buy.

Basically I’m after a gorgeous display and decent camera, as I won’t be using the phone for heavy gaming or browsing to really be fussy about the processor and RAM.

I’m now talking to a couple of sellers, asking about their phones and how they have been using it. Three of my prospects are offering almost mint-new handsets, with boxes and manuals and the warranty sticker still intact. They also offer various sets of freebies: extra headsets, extra 4GB memory cards, and several cases.

Still I’m not totally at peace with buying secondhand, especially with such a major purchase. I know I will pretty much use the smartphone nonstop. It will be in my hands all day long, and will be beside me when I sleep. I will practically be married to it!

And expensive phones are not as dispensable. Like marriages, it will be hard to get rid of.


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