Fondue for a fondness

I haven’t been writing much about my job because I know for a fact that my boss googles everyone she knows from time to time. And I’m not just about to let her in on how I feel towards her.

She’s a piece of work, to say the least. She harries me even on weekends and doesn’t seem to have an idea of what “working hours” mean (One Friday night when I was out with a friend she called me and asked me to walk her through connecting to her own wifi at home!).

But I can’t begrudge her the fact that I’ve been learning a lot from her all these months. Through her I’ve learned a great deal about the real power brokers in the  government, and how dirty politics really is.

I like it too that she takes me to all these nice restaurants and asks me for my thoughts on just about anything. What she lacks in respect for others’ time, she makes up for being an attentive listener.

I was almost really very fond of her last night as we discussed work over fondue and wine (I had an espresso float instead). We were at the fancy Cafe 1771 in El Pueblo, Ortigas, where everything had a feel of an English study room. I liked the green draping, the glass chairs, and the walls filled with bookshelves–though they hardly carried anything aside from bibles and encyclopedias.

Perhaps because I haven’t had any in a long time, and I’m no expert in cheeses, the fondue tasted exquisite to me. The upside-down espresso float, which they billed as their signature drink, was just okay.

When the rain began to pound I wanted very much to just stay inside because it was very cozy and bright. But when her driver came we had to go, and I was left wondering when I’d ever set foot inside the cafe again–this time, hopefully on a date.

Photo0082 Photo0083 Photo0084 Photo0080


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