Things That Matter


I sang along to Joey Ayala’s “illegal” rendition of the national anthem, then laughed as Justice Marvic Leonen threatened to sue us all for singing it wrong. I welled up at Marina Cruz-Garcia’s adoption story, and marveled as Don Salubayba created complex shadow images out of a piece of paper and water bottle. I sat enthralled during the whole three sessions, braingasm after braingasm washing over me as I listened to the speakers talk about their passions–from sea charts and maps to books and indigenous music instruments. I was nodding wildly all throughout Professor Rica Bolipata Santos’ talk as she stressed why it was important for us to read, and to read Philippine literature more than anything else. Like everybody else in the room, I burst into applause as Reina Reyes, a Pisay graduate who proved Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity on her doctorate at Princeton, declared she is staying in the country to help foster the love of inquiry among our youth. At the end of it all I was feeling buoyant, sure that one day I’d be up on the same stage giving my own TED talk!


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