The Kings of Summer (2013)


Another long weekend is upon us and I know we all can’t wait to sleep like the dead. But in between snoozing and pigging out you may want to do other equally, uh, satisfying activities, like maybe catch up on your favorite shows. While picking your toenails.

If you want to watch something new, I recommend Kings of Summer, a highly escapist coming-of-age American comedy-drama that premiered in Sundance this year. It’s a beautifully shot film that makes you wanna turn into a cat and lie on a foot rug under the sun all day long.


Joe’s (Nick Robinson) adolescent angst, chiefly directed towards his single father (Nick Offerman), is all too relatable. You probably didn’t take too long in the shower and scatter cream all over the bathroom floor to make it look like you had just masturbated, but most of Joe’s other attempts to piss of his father will remind you of your old, teenage self!


You will cheer him on as he drags his best friend Patrick (Gabriel Basso) on a quest to build a house deep in the woods. It’s preposterous, but they manage to build a ramshackle hut from scraps of wood and metal. Together with the outcast Biaggio (Moises Arias), they lose themselves in their dreamy, I-make-my-own-rules world, frolicking under the sun and attempting to hunt for food (but often end up “cheating” by shopping in the town supermarket). It’s a preppy version of Lord of the Flies, with a lot of twenty-first-century idiosyncrasies.


There will be a girl (and a snake), and they will soon find that they are still bound to the civilization they left behind. In the woods, they are kings,  but back in suburbia, they are just teenagers caught in that bittersweet lull between childhood and adulthood.


It’s worth taking an hour and a half off your afternoon siesta. And Biaggio, with his absurd one-liners (“The other day I met a dog who taught me how to die”), is an endearing character.


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