The taxman

Seems like the taxman is really on a killing spree, and the latest to have fallen prey to his sickle is none other than…my father. My poor old man and his wife recently got the shock of their lives when they saw from his latest payslip that he earned a lot less than what he should have. Now, my father doesn’t really make that much to begin with, but when you subtract from what is already meager, well, I guess it makes older people’s arteries constrict faster than normal.

The HR’s explanation? Now that his firstborn–yours truly–is no longer 21, I’m no longer counted as his dependent. Under Philippine law, each taxpayer is entitled to a 25,000-peso exemption from taxable income per dependent up to four dependents. Now my dad has less dependents and therefore has more taxable income. The bottom line is, I’m paying my own tax now, too, so it’s become very hard not to put “BIR” and “vicious” in the same sentence. Meanwhile, fast, comfortable trains that could take me from Alabang to anywhere in the metro remain a distant dream.


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