Bingbing’s fan!

I’m not really a big X-Men geek, but the Days of Future Past has some of the of the most awesome action sequences I’ve seen. Especially towards the end, where the Sentinels finally found the mutants in the monastery and began killing them one by one. It was just heartbreaking to see them get killed like that. Special mention to Blink, played by Chinese actress Fan Bingbing, who was the last X-Man to fall before the Sentinels penetrated the barricaded temple! It was so awesome watching her avoid all those beams with portal after portal! I think there was a good chance she could’ve escaped them, but maybe seeing your friends get ripped apart in front of you can be really emotionally and physically taxing. Good news is that we’re seeing more of Blink because Bingbing signed up for four more movies with 20th Century Fox!


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