What I Did On The Weekend 2

My maternal grandfather turned 83 last Sunday. Everyone, except an aunt in Saudi Arabia, trooped to our ancestral house in Santa Maria, Laguna, to celebrate the occasion.

It was a very rowdy, very Tagalog gathering. The meals, of course, were equally sumptuous. My grandparents always tuned in to DZMM, so my mom sent a birthday greeting over to the station. Later found out that my aunt in Saudi actually captured a screenshot of it at the TeleRadyo!

I didn't know my relatives could be very journalistic, too! :)

I didn’t know my relatives could be very journalistic, too! 🙂

I wasn’t able to bike as much as I had planned, because on Sunday afternoon the vice president came and everyone just flocked to the town hall to see him. The bridge leading to one side of the town was blocked and there was no way I could squeeze through.

I wish our Papang, as well as his scene-stealing wife, our Lola Nene, many more years of happiness and health. They will be celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary in 2016! I should finally get around to writing their biographies!

I was tired, but extremely happy and stuffed, when we went back to Alabang.

What I Did On The Weekend

I trotted with my friends to 19 East last Saturday night to catch Up Dharma Down, who plays there regularly every first Friday of the month. I’m only becoming a fan now, although I’ve been seeing them live since 2009. The thing about friendship is that you acquire each other’s preferences in music. They’re the reason I got into Lana Del Rey, and I’m the reason they each have a favorite member of Girls Generation.

It was a windy night, with scattered lightning constantly illuminating Laguna lake on the horizon. If I had a car and more moolah in college I would’ve probably written my thesis there. There was enough wind to keep the next table’s cigarette smoke from sticking to your clothes.

The band’s vocals, Armi, was just getting lovelier and lovelier every time I see her.

After their set we drove back to Alabang to eat. And I had to borrow a hundred bucks from my friend because the ATM wouldn’t dispense money.

I got home at three in the morning, took a bath and slept. And I slept all day long, only briefly leaving the bed for breakfast and lunch. It was the best part of my weekend yet! And I didn’t get up until almost four in the afternoon.